The Last Man

The Last Man


In the survival horror game The Last Man, you must flee from an alien-infested facility. On your journey, locate and gather all the equipment and weaponry. Find a way out of these unsettling and ominous locations. Keep your guard up since one strike from one of these aliens could result in the loss of your skull!

Key Feature

- Randomly generated places for the opponents, bullets, exits, and weaponry

- Three monster-filled levels with three distinct endings

- Complex 3D environments

- 10 distinct weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to battle knives.


WASD or arrow keys = move

Left-click = shoot

Right-click = pick up weapon or item

Mouse scroll = change weapon

R = reload

T = ON / OFF thermal goggle

N = ON / OFF night vision goggle

M = ON / OFF Map

Left-Shift / Space = run

P = pause

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