Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel


The Stickman Temple Duel game is the beginning of countless enjoyable minutes and hours. "Story mode," "2Player," and "etc." are all game modes. You have the option of competing against friends or an artificial intelligence system when playing a game that features "bot" choices. In the unblocked version of the shooting game, the story mode will provide you with a series of challenging courses that total 40 chapters. In this particular episode, you won't have any teammates to help you out. 2Player and Other Things On the surface, you will be involved in a firefight, going through tracks that vary depending on which area of the bot options you are in. Whoever gets their hands on the gun first and manages to score a hit on their opponent is the winner. Click this link right away if you want to have an exciting experience in which you can locate a variety of games all housed in the same location. Have fun!


Controls for Story Mode

Movement: WASD or Arrow

Keys Aim : Mouse

Control Shoot: Click Mouse Left

Controls For 2 Player

Controls for VS Bot

Movement: Arrow Keys

Shoot: "L" Key

Shield: "K" Key

Player 1

Movement : Arrow Keys

Shoot : "L" Key

Shield: "K" Key

Player 2

Movement: WASD Keys

Shoot: "F" Key

Shield: "G" Key

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