Squiden Shoot Game

Squiden Shoot Game


Just try to give the Squiden Shoot Game challenge your best effort. Life or Death! Challenge, Welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Do you have a money problem? Just by playing by the rules, you can make 45.6 billion won. There is just one rule: avoid elimination. Do you still have our card? Give us a call right away. Challenges for our juvenile gaming event will be entertaining, but the consequences could be fatal.


There are numerous basic laws.

You flee while the light is green.

Red lights cause you to stop

Ways to play

Mouse: explore the area

Movement with WASD

Shift + W = Run

Jump using space

Right mouse button - Fire

To aim, hold down the right mouse button.

Next/Previous on the mouse wheel

Hotkeys for weapons 1–7

F - 1 knife attack R - reload

Q: Second knife assault

G stands for "grenade"

T - Examine the Weapon

E: Take away/take away weapon

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