Squid Adventures

Squid Adventures


Instead of wasting time on frivolous things, the developers of the game Squid Adventures decided to compile practically all of the tests that the game's players had to take into one game. You have six rounds of testing ahead of you, the first of which you are very accustomed to. The name of it is Red and Green Lantern. You must make your way to the girl's robot while halting just in time for the lantern's signal. In the second round, a dexterity test, you must use a needle and a dalgona candy to carve a very delicate figure. The next activity is tug of war, and everything about it is obvious from the name. Fourth-marble basketballs Heavy balls must be thrown into the yellow circle. The fifth requires you to cross a glass bridge while keeping track of the locations of the safe tiles to avoid falling through. The sixth and final round is played in squares. To get to the square field, one must run faster than the opponent.


The game is divided into 6 smaller games, each with several levels.


On a desktop computer or a mobile device, use a mouse.

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