Smash Karts

Smash Karts


A multiplayer 3D kart racing game is called Smash Karts that to win, you must race your go-kart, grab weaponry, and destroy rival karts.

Participate in a 3-minute kart-smashing brawl with other players in the arena. You can look through a number of maps. Your experience points (XP), which you can use to level up, are awarded for each public game you play.

Coins, headgear, wheels, and character tokens will be given to you as you level up. New characters with varied levels of rarity can be unlocked in the reward machine using character tokens.



How to play

Use the WASD, space, shift, ctrl, R, F, and mouse. To collect sporadic weapons and power-ups, run over the boxes marked with question marks. 

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