Scary Maze

Scary Maze


The original Scary Maze requires you to expertly navigate through the vintage maze levels while taking extra care not to touch the edges. Great skill and precision are needed. The terrifying maze game has a lot of turns and surprises. Most players enjoy playing this game with their friends after they've finished it. Have you seen the ominous girl?

Like any maze, there is always something lurking around the next bend. A maze is the most terrifying thing there is. This game's name, Scary Maze, derives from this. The game is best played while unwinding and moving slowly through the various levels. You'll be able to move through the game more quickly if you do it that way.



How to play

Use W-A-S-D to move the player and the mouse cursor to rotate the camera. Locate the key to unlock the gate and escape the terrifying maze.


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