Plane Racing Madness

Plane Racing Madness


It was a fantasy in Plane Racing Madness to fly a heavily modified jet that is essentially a deadly weapon. 

In this three-dimensional plane racing game, you will battle against other players in their aircraft. You will have to choose an airplane model at the beginning of the game. Each airplane model will differ in a specific set of technical characteristics. Furthermore, we will give your aircraft weapons. On the screen in front of you, both your aircraft and the aircraft of your opponents will then be visible as they fly through the sky. The many various kinds of obstacles that will be positioned on your route must be avoided while you fly along a predetermined course. You can navigate this process using the map.


How to play

  • Player 1: Arrows, X, C, and n is one of two players.
  • Player 2: W, A, S, and D
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