One Escape

One Escape


One Escape's new adventure is ready for you!

On one occasion, three friends decided to play a risky game by breaking into a bank. In robbery and escape games, they're ready to pounce. Police were called in to break up a robbery when something went wrong. They must protect and flee from the police in this escape game. Win these mental games by using your intellect.

In order for these criminals to succeed in robbery and escape games, they'll need to think outside the box. In adventure and robbery games, you must find your way to freedom while hiding from guards. In adventure games, you must find key cards in order to open locked doors and avoid dangerous traps! There are few escape games that can match this one in terms of quality and difficulty. Are you ready to participate in the game of escape? Your IQ will be put to the ultimate test in this series of brain teasers. Now it's time for you to show off your true abilities in these mind games. Search for keywords in this mind game with your thoughts. It takes a lot of cunning to get away from the authorities in a game of mind games.

Escape from prison in these heist and adventure games by completing all 60 levels. I am sure you'll enjoy these games.


Use the "J" key to jump. Press W/D to move around.

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