Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Mine Shooter Monsters Royale


One of the best pairings between Poppy Playtime Games and Minecraft Games is represented by Mine Shooter Monsters Royale. It's time to have some fun!

Blocky Huggy Wuggy, and not just one, but several of them, will be prowling around the pixel world. You must go around in first-person, shooting them down. There are a lot of standard Minecraft zombies, but don't think it makes them any less deadly because you still have to shoot them. Despite how challenging each level becomes, persevere and battle these demons.



How to play

Use WASD to move about, the mouse to look around and shoot with its buttons, the wheel to switch between weapons, R to reload, G for grenades, shift to run, space to jump, F to pick up objects, CTRL to crouch, and X to fall to the ground.


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