Lady Strange and Ruby Witch

Lady Strange and Ruby Witch


Welcome to the world of wizards in Lady Strange and Ruby Witch! The two most beautiful women in the world have taken a break to make themselves look glamorous and happy at the party they are hosting. Are you ready to style these two superheroes?

In this dress-up game, you will take on the role of stylist for these two witches. Ruby the Witch and Lady Strange require your assistance in preparing for their upcoming party. Thankfully, they have so many choices in dresses and cosmetics. Let’s start with Lady Strange and apply her make-up first.

After that, you can choose her outfit and accessories to complete her appearance. Then, you can consider Ruby Witch's style. Put on makeup and pick a favorite superhero costume for her. Finally, don't forget to photograph these two in their most fashionable attire and enjoy the results!

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How to play

Depending on the gaming device, a computer mouse click or a simple touch on touch screens on mobile phones is used for control.

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