Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition

Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition


The entire family will enjoy playing this game for hours on end thanks to the large range of premium free equine jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition is perfect for both children and adults who enjoy playing horse games, whether it's a small pony or a towering stallion! You and your children are sure to find something to enjoy with 49 different jigsaw puzzles that feature lovely images of horses. Enjoy 49 unique puzzles that range from simple for youngsters to difficult for adults.


Gorgeous HD pictures!

Daily challenge and reward in the form of a puzzle!

Players' Leaderboard: (You can also play with your friends or anonymous people).

Attempt to get a position on the scoreboard that will place you among the top jigsaw puzzle players worldwide. You can choose from 10 different levels of difficulty in this game.


Discover the photo puzzle by piecing together several components.

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