Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter


The only thing you have to do in the first-person shooting game Funny Shooter is shoot the orange characters that are nearby. These individuals are approaching you with weapons. Some of them are placed in advantageous locations, and they will attempt to shoot you from a distance. You must eliminate all nearby orange characters in each chapter. You'll have money after you finish the level to spend on new items or weapons, which you can purchase from the main menu. Furthermore, be sure to adjust the mouse sensitivity in the options menu before you begin the game.


How to play

  • Move the mouse to look around, 
  • Move with WASD
  • Run while holding down Shift.
  • Jump by pressing the spacebar.
  • Right-click to shoot
  • Right-click = Aim


  • Lovely visuals
  • Diverse array of weapons
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