FPS Assault Shooter

FPS Assault Shooter


Are you a fan of first-person shooters (FPS) like Counter-Strike 1.6? One of the top 3D shooting games online, FPS Assault Shooter was the inspiration for this game.

In the newest first-person shooter video game, you can play as an assault squad soldier. There will be several missions for you to do today, each of which calls for you to seize a distinct object. If you don't give your soldier guns and ammunition before the combat, he'll enter it unprepared. Your main character will then travel to a specific spot after that.


How to play

Playing is done with the keyboard. The game's interface can be accessed by using the mouse. To move, use the arrow keys or WASD.

  • Left mouse button to fire.
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim
  • G indicates grenade throw.
  • H for armor
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