Fireman Frenzy

Fireman Frenzy


Welcom players of the video game Fireman Frenzy take control of a firefighter who, in a fit of rage, grabs a fire hydrant, jerks the hose off the ground, and then starts putting out the fire.

Everyone wondered how he was able to finish it. With his ability to move around so easily, he will spread flames everywhere. Because of the weight of the water tank he is holding, he is quite clumsy and has trouble aiming. Help him, please.



How to play

On touch-screen devices, hold down the left mouse button and move it with your finger to aim. Retract the flamethrower trigger to fire a water jet. The fireman gets a little bit more steady if you keep it still while you aim before firing. The top and sides of the screen will be hit by moving bullets.


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