Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner


Welcom to the straightforward game Epic Hole Runner, you take control of a black hole that eats everything that gets in its way. Red barrels, however, are explosive, toxic, and reduce the size of the black hole. Avoid them and concentrate on the green barrels to help you expand the size.

The basic goal is to consume as much food as you can without touching the red barrels. You may be reduced in size by these small cylinders, but don't worry—you will regain your power after one or two humans. Avoid wasting time with objects that are larger than you; instead, concentrate on the smaller, more crowded objects that you can readily swallow. Green barrels increase your size, preparing you for larger objects with more points. Make it across the finish line with the largest diameter to begin receiving your bonus diamonds and gold bars.


How to play

Move with the mouse.

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