Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack lets you chop down trees and gather wood to construct a house on an island. Take out your ax and go spelunking! You'll be able to travel over a sizable world, create stunning cities, and find brand-new islands! Joins the island's entire crew of lumberjacks. Strengthen your units by upgrading them. increase crowd movement. You could develop a city more quickly if there were a lot of woodcutters. 

One finger can be used to play Lumberjack! It has an incredibly simple control scheme and moves quickly thanks to the auto cut and construction process. Pick up your phone, start the game, fell trees, boost your crowd, and construct awesome structures!

Key Elements

Playing stickman games is quite addictive.

a 3D stickman with realistic ragdolls.

One-finger operation that is easy and fluid.

Sharp, ultra-casual visuals.

Build a team by improving your stickmen lumberjacks.

Your ideal city can be built.

wonderful presents and rewards.


To move, use WASD or swipe across the screen. Build and remove trees!

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