Biker Battle 3D

Biker Battle 3D


Biker Battle 3D is here to upend everything you thought you knew about 3D motorbike games. Because even though this is a driving and racing game, it is also largely a fighting game. In this game, you drive around the courses while shooting, smashing, and hitting the members of the other bike gang.

You start out with just one biker, a bike, and a rudimentary set of weaponry, but as you just carry on clearing stages, each with a different track, you can use the money gathered in them and those gained as incentives to buy better equipment, which you will need since levels only get harder.



How to play

Move with A, D, shoot with F, launch a projectile with T, Y, utilize a bat attack, launch kicks with G, H, turn on Nitro with shift, and use X for slow motion.


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