Avoid You Dying

Avoid You Dying


A 2D bow and arrow game with physics-based aim is called Avoid Dying. To advance to the next level, shoot the targets with your bow and arrow once. Your ragdoll stickman avatar will be fatally injured if you fail to set the trap.

If you're confident in your shooting skills, you might be interested in this game! In the beginning of this game, you are in a precarious circumstance and must rely on your bow and arrow to survive. To strike your targets precisely, aim carefully and alter the angle of each shot. Use your superior prediction and calculation skills to try to last long enough. As the game progresses, the stages become harder. There are several levels where you must hit multiple targets in order to advance. In this game, the laws of physics still hold true, therefore you must carefully consider your angle and direct your shot to avoid suffering the repercussions. As you try to avoid death, sharpen your senses and buckle up!

How to play

Use the left mouse to drag the bow.

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