2 Player Moto Racing

2 Player Moto Racing


Two Player Moto Racing is a motorbike game for two players that is exactly what is here to give you. Finish first at the end of every lap to unlock new levels and earn money to buy new cars so you can keep having fun at even faster speeds. Win one race after another to have the most fun imaginable!


How to play

  • The controls for the Single-Player mode are as follows:

Driving arrows, L-Shift for Nitro, X, C, and H are used to kick other riders while respawning.

  • The following controls are available in the 2P mode:

Player 1: S, F, E, D for driving, shift for Nitro, W, R for kicking, and C for respawning.

Player 2: Arrows to move, space for nitro, N, M for kicking, and H to respawn.


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